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At Medical Advisors Group, we take great pride in helping doctors plan wisely for a prosperous financial future! Tim McFillin founded Medical Advisors Group in 2008. He started as a financial advisor managing the 401(k) and group benefits for the animal hospital his family had been using for years growing up in Northern Virginia. In Tim’s experience, it seemed that veterinarians, dentists, and physicians are woefully underserved in financial planning and advice. Because these professionals often have both high income and high debt, they need solid financial planning and management more than anyone, yet many appeared to be making mistakes.


For those doctors fortunate to have minimal or no loans, we help them focus on long-term investing to help secure the future for their loved ones and plan for a comfortable retirement.


what we do

Develop a Strategy to Help Pay Off Your Debt and Start Building Wealth Today

Medical Advisors Group develops a strategy for helping medical professionals manage their debt and invest wisely for the future.


Many new doctors graduate with student loan debt more than twice their annual income. To pay the debt off in a reasonable amount of time, they may need to make payments that could be a large chunk of their income.


Many of them wonder, where’s the payoff? They worked hard to achieve what should be a lucrative and fulfilling career and lifestyle. Instead, it can feel like every extra penny goes toward paying down debt.


What if you could develop a strategy for paying off your student loans? Medical Advisors Group is here to help you do just that.

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