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Doctales podcast

In this episode, I interview Dr. Michelle Vitulli, the lead veterinarian and founder of Caring Hands Animal Hospital. She opened up her first clinic in Chantilly, VA in 1997 and has grown to 8 locations and over 150 veterinarians and other employees across the DC Metro area since then! She did all this while raising three children in a very happy marriage. Her chain of animal hospitals continues to grow now. She is an amazing success story and a great inspiration for young veterinarians looking to open their own practice.

In this episode, I interview Tony Bartels, DVM, MBA about how to wisely manage your graduate school debt. He helped start the VIN (Veterinary Information Network) and build one of the most popular student loan simulators to help doctors and other professionals across the world!

In this episode, I interview two of the most savvy young doctors that have now become great friends! Carter and Liz Reeves started their dental practice First Impression in Ashburn, VA a few years ago and have quickly grown the business into an tremendous success! If you want an appointment, you better book it at least 3 months because of the high demand for their excellent service. They are also raising three beautiful young boys so there is a never a dull moment in the Reeves household. Please share this with any ambitious dentist or doctor looking to start and grow their own practice from scratch in less than two years.

In this DocTales episode, I interview Sue Bell, the founder of Homeward Trails Animal Rescue (HTAR). She has accomplished so much starting this non-profit animal rescue, from scratch into a tremendous success! In 2001, she was vacationing in WV and visited a local shelter that had just been destroyed by a flood where 50 dogs died and historically had a 98% euthanasia rate. This horrible event inspired Sue to save three dogs from that shelter and this is where the trail begins. She got all three dogs adopted within two weeks and made the journey her life’s passion. Sue finds the best veterinarians in the Northern Virginia area to make sure the dogs received excellent treatment, shots, and care throughout the rescue and adoption process. HTAR just recorded another record year of revenue in 2020 and, most importantly, has rescued over 35,000 dogs and cats since 2001…and counting!

In this episode I interview Anthony Mark, MD! He is the active Army Deputy Director of Surgery at Fort Belvoir Hospital in Quantico, VA. He has saved countless lives of American wounded warriors from the battlefields in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and other warzones! In addition, he has helped many injured soldiers and saved lives at both Walter Reid Medical Center and Ft. Belvoir Hospital here in the States. Dr. Mark and his wife Regina have sacrificed a lot to help protect our great country and are both true American heroes. They are raising three beautiful young children and it keeps them inspired and grounded every day.

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